10 Steps For Installing Car Amplifier

You can save a lot of money by installing car speakers and other equipment related to it yourself. The guides are available all over the internet and of course you can consult a professional for some tips and tricks anytime. Car speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers are not that hard to install in your car plus you get to experiment before installing them permanently finding out the best location for them to produce the best sound. The steps are easy to follow which will be discussed further in the article along with things that you will need to set it up.

Pioneer PRS-D2000SPL Amplifier

Amplifiers are basically a device that boosts up a signal, any signal and takes it to its destination. In the case of an audio amplifier, the power current passing through the amplifier is boosted and taken to the speakers or subwoofers for them to play. An amplifier is also connected to a fuse incase heavy current flows through damaging or burning the speakers. The amplifier is the main source of your speakers running therefore it requires full concentration to install.

The basic few tools needed to set up an amplifier in your car are pliers, cables and wires for car audio, knife, sandpaper, O-ring ends, tape, pen, spade connectors, screwdrivers, an amplifier and wire strippers.

  1. Now deciding with the location is easy and up to the person’s requirement but my advice is if you are installing an amplifier connected to your speakers then it is best to install them under the car seats to keep the wiring less inside your car while amplifiers for subwoofers can be installed at the trunk of your car because that is where usually the subwoofers are. This way you will need less wiring to do your job.
  2. The wiring needed for amplifiers is a bit different than the other ones. The cable needs to be a lot thicker than the ordinary wires you see for other things as they are responsible for transferring high voltage current from amplifiers to the speakers.
  3. Follow the instructions on taking off the head of the dash of your car to install the wires in them.
  4. For safety reasons disconnect the ground negative cable from your battery.
  5. Connect the fuse of the thick positive power cable to the positive terminal of the battery. The O-ring can be placed in the bolt that hooks up your car to the battery.
  6. Now make sure that the power cables are not near any speaker wires or signals as it is dangerous. If you have the amp installed in the trunk then run the wires along the bottom edge of your car and if the amp is installed somewhere in the front then there is always an opening given at the driver’s side.
  7. To connect the ground cables find a screw or metal bolt which is near to the amp. This should not be more than 3 feet. Take out the screws and clean it with sandpaper and then screw it back firmly.
  8. Incase of connecting your amp to the speakers strip off the wires as needed to keep the wiring safe. Tape around the wires that are showing to avoid any current going through a bare wire. Make certain you connect the positive terminal to the positive of the battery and the negative to the negative terminal of the battery.
  9. Make your amplifier screwed to the car body to avoid it from tumbling here and there. The amp can be screwed to the subwoofer’s or speaker’s enclosures as well.
  10. Test your amplifier and the entire sound system and then put everything back together.

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